Luxury Toilets

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10×15 is a 2 station trailer that is perfect for events with 150 people or less.

As guests enter this private, 2-Station restroom trailer they are greeted with comfortable surroundings. The well-lit interiors provide a pleasant atmosphere where they can escape from the crowd and enjoy a few moments alone.

14×6 our mid sized luxury4-Station restroom, perfect for up to 350 guests.

  • 6x14 Exterior

2 stations for males and females. This luxury Restroom will meet the level of class and style your guests expect.

Our 20 ft trailer is lightweight, spacious and beautiful. This option is an 8-Station portable restroom.

Inside, the lady’s area has 4 spacious stalls and a twin-basin vanity. For the men, there are two private stalls, two urinals and a twin-basin vanity. The climate in each area can be controlled by individual air conditioning units to insure total comfort. This Restroom is best for events that have up to 500 people.