We have an array of roll-off dumpsters for your construction, landscaping, renovation, and cleaning needs.

Are you working within the Pitkin County Green Halo Program? We have solutions that will help to sort your materials.

5 Yard Mini Dirt Box
14’8″ long x 3’6″ tall x 4’1″ wide

Our 5 yard mini dirt box is the perfect size for masonry and small landscape projects

Skinny 10
13′ long x 5’10” tall x 4′ wide

The Skinny 10 Yard dumpster fits in leaner spaces than the traditional 10 yard dumpster. The width is half of the 20 yard, so you can fit 2 of these in the same space as a 20 yarder to more easily divide materials.

Concrete Washout

The Concrete Washout is specifically used for liquid concrete waste. It is lined with a special coating, and can only be used for this purpose. This unit has a flat fee, which includes dump fees, however, if anything other than liquid concrete waste is included, regular dump fees will apply as well as possible damage fees.

Dirt/ Concrete Can

The Dirt/Concrete Can is specifically designed for heavy materials like dried concrete and dirt. These heavy materials have a lower tonnage dumping fee, but if any materials besides concrete or dirt are included, regular tonnage fees will be charged (be very observant of any blue insulation in discarded concrete.)